Not only for Eating

My better half is Chinese; therefore, our cutlery has been extended with chopsticks (筷子) and Chinese soup spoons, or duck spoons (散蓮華). Using chopsticks is more comfortable then most people expect, and the ceramic spoons are great for eating soups. We often invite friends over for Chinese Hot Pot, it is a great way to... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Yepp, we survived the Year 2017 and Christmas. NK & US have not blown the world to smithereens. Catalonia is still a part of Sapin. Hollywood is and is badly remaking movies. 2018 did not offer much to rant about.   Traffic - Check. Roads are still empty. Office  - Check  Offices still empty Food  - Check... Continue Reading →

Chicken Wings

The secret to tasty chicken wings is ... ... good quality meat. I buy my wings fresh from a butcher in the local market hall. It's free-range and is cheaper than the readily packed battery chicken from the supermarket. Ingredients: Part 1 30 x Chicken Wings (whole) 6 TBLSP of oil 1 x large onion 2 TBLSP of... Continue Reading →

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