Knives Out, great plot

I was watching this weekend 2 movies. And Ad Astra was not the one I would recommend. Knives out was good entertainment and value for the money. It is funny, clever and till the end interesting. In a nice way a old school murder detective story. It has a great cast, ok Mr Craig's accent... Continue Reading →

Ad Asta #notforme

6.9 on IMDB, I don't know. I believe it is more 5.5. Yes, Brad Pit did some fine acting. Actually, most of the actors did good work. The whole movie is just not working for me. For one the shrink blog is a bit the Martian. It has a few really annoying science errors for... Continue Reading →

Not only for Eating

My better half is Chinese, therefore our cutlery has been extended by chopsticks (筷子) and  Chinese soup spoons, or duck spoons (散蓮華). Using chopsticks is easier then most people expect and the ceramic spoons are great for eating soups. We often have Chinese Hot Pot with our friends in our place, it is a great way to share some food and... Continue Reading →

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