My top 5 SciFi shows – Short and Sweet

1 - The Expanse Beyond a shadow of a doubt, with season 4 The Expand has become my most favorite SciFi show. It's not hard SciFi, but it is as good as it gets. The story-line, characters and visuals are just amazing. 2 - Altered Carbon (Season 1) Altered Carbon is cyberpunkish goodness and food for... Continue Reading →

Knives Out, great plot

I was watching this weekend 2 movies. And Ad Astra was not the one I would recommend. Knives out was good entertainment and value for the money. It is funny, clever and till the end interesting. In a nice way a old school murder detective story. It has a great cast, ok Mr Craig's accent... Continue Reading →

Ad Asta #notforme

6.9 on IMDB, I don't know. I believe it is more 5.5. Yes, Brad Pit did some fine acting. Actually, most of the actors did good work. The whole movie is just not working for me. For one the shrink blog is a bit the Martian. It has a few really annoying science errors for... Continue Reading →

Gender swap reboots

About that... Imagine cinema posters 2023: Baby Girl Jesus - history corrected Joan bond - 007 Star wars 20 -Hanelore Solo, Lucy Skywalker and Drag Queen prince Layla Mr Doubtfire Wonderman vs Superwoman Mr Poppins Just saying

Why all this arty farty Coffee ?

Ok, need to vent. Lately, it is getting really hard to get simple good old coffee. I mean espresso and americano. Every cafe is nowadays an artisan coffee roaster. Now I like quite a lot artisan stuff but please leave my coffee alone. Most of the time the coffee taste sour and is lukewarm at... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Yepp, we survived the Year 2017 and Christmas. NK & US have not blown the world to smithereens. Catalonia is still a part of Sapin. Hollywood is and is badly remaking movies. 2018 did not offer much to rant about.   Traffic - Check. Roads are still empty. Office  - Check  Offices still empty Food  - Check... Continue Reading →

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