Nikons Nifty Fifty

Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm 1:1,8D Review

I had this lens for a few weeks now, and it is time for a review. I bought the lens of amazon for £99.79. You can pick it up second hand for less, but why would you. You get so much for so little.
For this review I used a D7200 (a DX / Crop frame camera).

The Specs

F Mount Lens/ FX Format
Aperture Range: f/1.8 to 22
Super Integrated Lens Coating
Minimum Focus Distance: 45cm
Filter Diameter: 52mm
7-Blade Circular Diaphragm
AF only with in Camera motor (aka screwdriver lens)
Weight 155g



A: ƒ/1.8 | S: 1/40 | ISO: 800

A 50mm makes a great Portrait Lens on a DX body, it would be 75mm/80mm on a full frame body. In the picture above see our cat Daisy. She is sitting on the balustrade at our stairs, which gives 1.5 meters distance between foreground and background. Shot at 1.8f this is a great example for the bokeh of this lens.
I didn’t need the fastest focus in the world, Daisy loves posing, I believe she was a model in a previous life. Which brings us to the AF capabilities of this lens which are as fast / slow as the your cameras AF-motor and some times the it needs refocusing.

At the market

english Market

A: ƒ/2.5 | S: 1/6 |ISO: 1000

The lens has only 7 aperture blades, which makes light to heptagon instead of circles. I somewhat like it because it gives it a old school touch.

Coffee & Chocolate


A: ƒ/1.8 | S: 1/500 | ISO: 1000

The sharpness of this lens is amazing and you won’t find a sharper lens in that price range. Even wide open it is remarkable sharp. It is a great addition to any Hobbyist kit.

Cup of Tea?


A: ƒ/8.0 | S: 2 | ISO: 100

At f8 the far background blurred out quite nicely. There are lenses out there for 10 times the money which can do a bit better. But you won’t get a better bang for your buck or a better prime Lens for double digit only.



A: ƒ/8.0 | S: 1/1250 | ISO: 100 (8

I stitched this picture, my 18-35mm was not wide enough and the 50mm got just about the right range and again great sharpness.

Not really a Macro


With a little a help of an extension tube, it makes for a not too bad Macro lens.


Best 90 bucks I spend on my Gear. I enjoyed this lens a lot in the last weeks. The focusing is some times a bit sluggish.

light, small, sharp, cheap, good bokeh (if your OK with heptagon shaped light)

Slow Focus, needs sometime refocusing

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