Not only for Eating

My better half is Chinese; therefore, our cutlery has been extended with chopsticks (筷子) and Chinese soup spoons, or duck spoons (散蓮華).
Using chopsticks is more comfortable then most people expect, and the ceramic spoons are great for eating soups. We often invite friends over for Chinese Hot Pot, it is a great way to share some food and have a good evening. Hot Pot would be only half the fun when eating with spoons and forks only.
Chopsticks and duck spoons are fabulous for cooking and serving. I use duck spoons for tasting food when seasoning food. How often did you burb your lips with metal spoons? The ceramic duck spoons do not heat up that fast, and they are bigger, so you get enough for a proper taste.

Duck spoons have a flat base which means you can set them down without spilling, which makes excellent mini bowls for dips, tasters, desserts and starters.
Chopsticks are great for fishing out solids out of liquids, much better than spoons or forks in tight spots like narrow and tall vessels.
There are many other use cases for chopsticks and duck spoons, just be creative.

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