Happy New Year

Yepp, we survived the Year 2017 and Christmas.

  • NK & US have not blown the world to smithereens.
  • Catalonia is still a part of Sapin.
  • Hollywood is and is badly remaking movies.

2018 did not offer much to rant about.


  • Traffic – Check. Roads are still empty.
  • Office  – Check  Offices still empty
  • Food  – Check so far so good haven’t been eating out.
  • Politics – Don’t get me starting that early in the year.
  • Radio – see Politics
  • Flat Liners 2017 – what a bunch of Bull Shirt

So far no one p…ed me off too much.

No worries,  the year just started.  There will be plenty opportunity to rant.

So long

The Grumpy Old Dude.




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