Is the Sony FE 85mm F1.8 the real McCoy?

I bought the Sony 85mm f1.8 FE about four months ago and have rarely taken it off my camera (A7II). This lens made me rethink focusing. It is super sharp, and the auto-focus is nearly always on target. At 1.8 that you better focus on the right spot; otherwise, you have ruined shot with beautiful... Continue Reading →


Florence (Firenze) is up in my top 5 favourite cities. Whenever the wanderlust gets me, I have to think of Florence. Florence is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities. I have been so far twice to Florence and hope to return soon. In May 2017, my life partner and took a cruise along the... Continue Reading →

Sony’s Nifty (noisy) Fifty

What is a Nifty Fifty?On a full-frame body, a 50mm lens comes the closest to capturing what you eye naturally sees, on a crop camera, it is the 35mm lens that is roughly equivalent to 50mm on a full-frame camera. It is a highly versatile lens with low aperture 2.8 or less, which gives it... Continue Reading →

Back to Sony

Ok it’s official I switched to form Nikon to Sony. Writing this post feels almost like going to confession. ”Forgive for I have switched....”. Not that I would know. For nearly a decade I used enthusiastically Nikon DX cameras. My last camera was a D7200, and it is a great camera. D7200 But the truth... Continue Reading →

Knives Out, great plot

I was watching this weekend 2 movies. And Ad Astra was not the one I would recommend. Knives out was good entertainment and value for the money. It is funny, clever and till the end interesting. In a nice way a old school murder detective story. It has a great cast, ok Mr Craig's accent... Continue Reading →

Ad Asta #notforme

6.9 on IMDB, I don't know. I believe it is more 5.5. Yes, Brad Pit did some fine acting. Actually, most of the actors did good work. The whole movie is just not working for me. For one the shrink blog is a bit the Martian. It has a few really annoying science errors for... Continue Reading →

Gender swap reboots

About that... Imagine cinema posters 2023: Baby Girl Jesus - history corrected Joan bond - 007 Star wars 20 -Hanelore Solo, Lucy Skywalker and Drag Queen prince Layla Mr Doubtfire Wonderman vs Superwoman Mr Poppins Just saying

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